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Nick Gizelis

ZBrushCentral username: Aumakua

Mr ZZIITT Turntable 1 The Adventurous Mr ZZIITT is a fearless space explorer who travels galloping through unknown universe! I always loved the retro sci fi movies with rayguns and such, the steampunk style and cartoon characters. So, I guess it was only a matter of time before I merge all these into a single concept... So, here is Mr ZZITT! :D ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a digital character maker from Athens/Greece, with an inexhaustible love to make fantasy/scifi characters, creatures and sculpting/modeling for 3d printing. Studied Computer Animation in Teesside University, UK, and have been working as a 3d modeler/ 3d generalist since 2000. Available for full time or freelance work and willing to relocate to anywhere in the english speaking known universe. Email: nickogi@yahoo.co.uk Website: http://www.noisyknuckles.com/ THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH When I saw an image made with ZBrush for the very first time, during the times of version 1.23b, I was frozen in awe trying to process mentally the unprecedented look and feel of the digital eye candy in front of me. Nothing like the conventional polygons I knew till then. Still today, after so many inspiring versions of ZBrush and so many hours of my time into the depths of pixols, I keep feeling the same mouth watering whenever I see a sneak peak video of new tools. I feel like there are always new workflows to discover, new ways to make use of the tool sets, every day. After ZBrush came to life, a liberation of endless creative flows started in all of us :)
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