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Norbert Fuchs

ZBrushCentral username: nfuchs

Tell us about yourself as an artist: I'm a 27 years old hungarian 3d character artist currently looking for a job. (willing to relocate) :) I'm doing 3d since 3d Studio 4.0 for DOS. My speciality is sculpting and texture painting. Monk Turntable 1 I used an old base mesh for this one. Sculpted the head in neutral pose. Then using the transpose tool I posed the figure and began to sculpt. Main tools used: Clay Tubes, Move, Standard, Smooth and Slash2 for some folds on the pants. The hardest part were the hands...the fist especially. Lot of tweaking...but it's worth the effort I think. :) email: norbert@norbertfuchs.com website or portfolio: http://www.norbertfuchs.com
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