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Norman Schaar

ZBrushCentral username: NORMAN3D

T-800 STAN WINSTON TRIBUTE The original piece was composed from different subtools and it shows quite a bit more of the Terminator. I decided I would give printing in 3D a try, so I began preparing the model to be print-ready. To do so, I had to create a single new mesh, without any holes so there isn't going to be anyproblem with the printing machine. First I used Sub Tool Master to combine all the subtools into a single mesh and I used the retopo tool to create the new topology. I used the project brush to carefully project the detail I wanted. Automatic projection would not work properly due to the gaps between subtools. After this was done, I brought the mesh to 3dsmax and applied a shell modifier. I had to make sure, the walls where as thin as possible, so less material was used. In this case the walls are 2 mm thick. I also created the whole base and welded it to the head. I switched back and forth between applications to make further tweaks. Finally, I used polygon cruncher to bring the polycount down to 500.000 which is the printer’s limitation. I could not have followed this workflow with another application but Zbrush. It’s the only application that gives me so much freedom and flexibility. Website: www.norman3d.com
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