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Oliver Milas

2009 Turntable Gallery Contest Winner

ZBrushCentral username: O/MI

ADMIRAL The Admiral was modeled from blizzard concept of starcraft. basemesh was build in max ...this character was build with a lot of Subtools. (more if i should be chosen) CUBAN The "Cuban" Portrait was a research exercise for facial expression and face sculpting in general. in the beginning i used a lot the move brush to find the overall shape for the character. The Standard and Clay brush where used to build the muscles and to add volume to the face...the most fun was the texturing...(if you choose me i will write an little tut on texturing)... ARTIST'S PROFILE Hi Dear Pixologic Members, I am currently working full time in the game industry, but I'm available for freelance too. My greatest passion is to model character. I am pretty new to sculpting so when I started playing around with ZBrush it was fun from the very first beginning. So thank you Pixologic for developing this peace of software that changed the Industry. Email: girafix76@googlemail.com   Website: olivermilas.com
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