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Peter Minister

ZBrushCentral username: ministerart

Turntable "Together Forever" About the Artist I am and have been a freelance special effects artist for the past 15 years. I work mainly on commercials with a smattering of TV and film. I found ZBrush about a year ago and pixologic may remember me as being the cheeky e-mailer who kept asking for an extention on the 30 day trial. Ive made so many models from tiny scientific displays through to full size dinosaurs but its ZBrush thats made me fall in love with my craft all over again. ZBrush Tools use in this work I like to form all of my sculpts with ZSpheres as they are so much more creative than pulling points. I block out most of my forms at sub level 3 and then by habit I retopologise the model to maximize areas that will need extra details at high sub levels. Ive also found the trick ' Mask area...inverse...lower to lowest sub level...divide' very useful in adding those extra polys where you didn't think you would need them. The tool I use the most would be the standard brush..inflate and some of Brian De ilvas brushes. Transpose master is an absolute blessing when working on models like this and I think im pushing poly paint within ZBrush to the limit. Email: ministerart@hotmail.co.uk   Website: www.peterminister.com
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