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Rafal Waniek

ZBrushCentral username: EDI_EVERMOTION

SAMURAI ARCHER Turntable 1, 2 Base model done in 3dsmax sculpting in Zbrush, I usually jump from zbrsuh to 3dmsax, Inside Zbrush I can really quickly correct some proportion of a base model. All the datails were made using masks and custom alpha maps. This is the first time I have used subtools..no I can not live without them :) FOO DOG Turntable 3, 4 Base model done in 3dsmax rest in Zbrush. The deatils of the podest were done using only one well prepared mask - no sculpting at all. It's one of my favorite models, I just love to see how from a simple 2d bitmap mask you can have all the great details on you model in one second. DRAGON POT Turntable 5, 6 Base model done in 3dsmax rest is Zbrush sculpt. ORIENT KNIFE 01 Turntable 7 As susually I have prepared some masks and then refined the model with some sculpting. ORIENT KNIFE 02 Turntable 8 Base model done in 3dsmax , the rest is Zbrush - masks + sculpting CHINA BELLS Turntable 9, 10, 11 Base model done in 3dsmax, all the deatils on the bells were done by only one mask, the rest is sculpting. CHINA DRAGON Turntable 12 One of my first Zbrush sculpts using mask. It was done in Zbrsuh 2.0 and refined a litle bit when the V3 came out. ARTIST'S PROFILE Currently I'm a studio director at Evermotion company. I'm in the 3D industry for several years allredy, I'm creative and always ready to learn something new. Sometime ago I created a tuturial regarding normal maps. Please feel free to visit. http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/7861/normal-maps Email: edi@evermotion.org   Website: www.evermotion.org
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