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Rasmus Warming

ZBrushCentral username: RASMUSW

ARCTIC Turntable 1, 2 This was my entry for the "Action hero contest". The contest was great fun. I did fairly rough bases, started from zSpheres and then remodeled them. After that i did the final details. I mostly relied on the move, standard and inflate brushes. Those i'm most familiare with. SKRZAT Turntable 3 I looked through a mythology enclypedia, we have in our bookshelf and stumbled over this little fella. I looked for more story on him and ended up doing a little personal background story for him. I started in Zbrush with a rough zSphere base and then retopologized that in Silo. Brought back into Zbrush for poseing and final details. Cups and table where imported base meshes from Silo. ARTIST"S PROFILE This application has without a doubt the most important tool for my workings. Both personal and profesional. I love to use it. It has taken the spot prior to paper doodleing. Email: r241180@hotmail.com   Website: rasmusw.dk
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