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Rishikesh Mohan Nandlaskar

ZBrushCentral username: NANDLASKAR

NADAL I used maya to make the base shape.Then I sculpted it in Zbrush and whenever I had to pose him I took it to maya and rigged and read it again in Zbrush to get the new pose.I used this method since I need to practice more of transpose. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am working in 'Rhythm and Hues' as 3dModeling TD. Its been 5 years now in the entertainment industry. I hold a commercial Artist Degree and have passion for character modeling in whatever medium or tool I might get like maya, 3dsmax, Zbrush or even clay. There may be many softwares for sculpting out there but Zbrush is just what every artist and sculptor would like to work on. I also like the look and the feel of Zbrush. The growing community of Zbrush is unbelievable too and its only because more and more artist feel comforatble using it. Email: rishi_nandlaskar@yahoo.com
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