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Ronny Penko

ZBrushCentral username: Ronny Penko

king's honeymoon trip Turntable 1, 2, and 3 The "king's honeymoon Trip" creation started very uncertain about what it would be actually. I started sculpting this little old and funny dude just for fun and practicing, but it turned out that he looked so full of personality that I decided to work more around it. So I had the idea to give him some "friends". This big monster slave (Don't know how the hell he being so little could dominate such monster though... little but badass probably). So later to make it more interesting I gave them this cage ... At first I didn't know exactly what or who to put inside the cage. So I thought "he probably doesn't have a girlfriend for ages..." So yeah, I gave him a lovely bride and now they go to honeymoon. Well... she doesn't seem to be very happy but... come on ... every relationship has its problems and love sometimes come with time! The crown was the last piece to be added. And so I made him a king. It gave more sense to his leadership position in the piece. The three characters were all sculpted in ZBrush. And although DynaMesh is a great addition, I still love to work with ZSphere, which was the starting tool for all the three characters in this one piece. I like how easy it is to create a base mesh with ZSpheres, the easy control to quickly move the spheres, gives the possibility to start the base mesh with some nice gestures right away. Very useful for fingers for example, easy to define the joints. ARTIST'S PROFILE I started working for photographers and advertisement agencies, mainly working with image manipulation of models and products. Later I got fascinated by 3D and started learning everything I could about it, seeing hours of tutorials in every free time to learn the tools. Next started studying anatomy and drawing techniques, not really to draw, but to help me to understand proportions and create more convincing 3D characters. Soon I realized this is a field you never stop studying. Tools are in constant development and it's important to keep updated. I work as freelance or contract. Email: penko_r@hotmail.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I think ZBrush was and still is a revolutionary software. if the goal was to make 3D less technical and more straight forward and joyful, it surely accomplished much of this goal successfully. The addition of FiberMesh was a great surprise to me. Fur in ZBrush was a wish I had and it came true before I expected.
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