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Tim Appleby

ZBrushCentral username: SPACEMONKEY

NAME OF TURNTABLE I created two sub tools, ensuring I would have enough topology to pose the beast and also enough to enable me to experiment with the fleshy scales that I wanted to incorporate. I spent a good amount of time working out the feel and picking out some strong shapes that I liked. Once I found those I feel the rest went fairly quickly as I used a combination of alphas and rough sculpting to block in the suggested details along the creatures tail. The transition between the two pieces was tricky, I found it hard to cover it up without resorting to highly contrived methods so thats something I will definately consider the next time I do a multi tool organic sculpt. ARTIST'S PROFILE Tell us about yourself as an artist: I am a lead character artist working in the games industry, currently working for Splash Damage on Brink. We want to promote you as an artists. Tell us about yourself. I love monsters and my art and I definitely try and blend the two together. I like to work on things that I find personally interesting, exploring a creature design and all the elements that its encompassed of. Email: bdimonkey@hotmail.com   Website:
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