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ZBrushCentral username: VISEone

AMOR DRAGON He's an AMOR DRAGON - responsible for spreading the love in the fairytale land. It's a 24/7 duty and he hates his job - flying around and shooting arrows with his cupid beeing bored...and that his skin is pink doesn't light up his mood either. Beware of the SWOOPY Turntable 1 Hunting anything he can eat. His camouflage trick is to look like a guy wearing a costume - and when you ask where he got that incredible costume from - then it's already too late and you'll end up as "Swoopyfood". Untitled Turntable 2 ARTIST'S PROFILE VISEone is a german based character designer, freelancer, graphic designer, toy designer – and customizer. Currently working on several personal projects and learning ZBrush. Complete bio at: http://s350694455.online.de/hosted/viseone.de/?page_id=1491 Email: contact@VISEone.de Website: www.VISEone.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH For me ZBrush is the best tool to create my ideas in a quick way and easy workflow. The constantly developement of ZBrush by Pixologic is amazing and each upgrade it pushes forward my own creativity as well. 
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