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Voica Ovidiu

ZBrushCentral username: OvidiusTiberius

AleinFemale Turntable 1 One of my few SF/creatures experiments. Grace Turntable 2 and 3 Inspired by a Musee d'Orsay trip in Paris, where I've seen amazingly beautiful classic sculpts, I wanted to create a female nude in that style. Odin Turntable 4 and 5 I wanted to create the bust and expression of a mighty viking ruler witch ended up to be Odin. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a Character Artist living in Bucharest/Romania. I graduated National Fine Art University with a degree in Sculpture and after that I worked as a Character Artist for Ubisoft. I also worked for 3d cartoon film and advertising. Email: voicaovidiutiberiu@gmail.com Website: www.voicaovidiu.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH When I first met ZBrush, it was at version 2, and I instantly fell in love with it. ZBrush was and is more than ever, one of the most creative 3d program I ever met, and the only one keeping in touch with the traditional, artistic way of sculpting. ZBrush fulfill simultaneously the need for fast and modern techniques and approaches, while keeping the "taste" of traditional clay modeling. All in all, I think I am completely addicted, I can not imagine my future in 3d art without ZBrush's creativity. 
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