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WeiLun Tsai

ZBrushCentral username: WEILUNTSAI

CLOWN Turntable 1, 2 This character was inspiration by traditional circus tent. My concept is trying to mix classic role and horror element.I usually make my base model as possible as my desired shape in Maya, then I move to Zbrush for adding details and tweak overall form. HELL ELEPHANT Turntable 3, 4 Another character in my project called "Hell Elephant". The most challenge of this character is its skin details.I shot really elephant in the zoo and use photoshop to cut skin texture from photos.Then I convert skin texture into alpha and project on my model. WARRIOR Turntable 5, 6 A practice of human anatomy, basemesh in Maya and flesh out in Zbrush. DEMONS Turntable 7 The original concept was from VFX artist Steven Wang,I really like his design so I took his image as reference and do a practice. The goal for this model is achieve reasonable details. ARTIST'S PROFILE Currently a student and study in California and love to learn anything about art.I was inspired by a lot of talented artists in the world and want to become a Master artist in the future.For me,I always believe observation is the "Key" that really helps me a lot when I developing models. Email: weiluntsai@yahoo.com   Website: http://onlinewlt.blogspot.com/
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