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Wongyo Lee

ZBrushCentral username: DAYTRIPPER3D

TOUGH GUY Turntable 1, 2 I used many zbrush functions, especially, clay, standard,inflat,morphbrush, subtool, topology and so on. My happiest moment was using zbrsuh, because it saves a lot of time creating characters and it gave me better quality. TYPE A Turntable 3, 4 ARTIST'S PROFILE I have 9 years experience in CG character Design, Cinematics and Games. I worked for NcSoft, which is the most famous game company in Korea. I was one of members of cinematic team. Additionally, I shipped MMOFPS, named "Huxley" as a lead character artist and 3d illustrator. Recently, I develop unannouced MMORPG game that use crysis2 engine. Email: daytripper3d@gmail.com   Website: http://daytripper3d.cgsociety.org/gallery or http://daytripper3d.com
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