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Zoltan Korcsok

ZBrushCentral username: TRURI

HELLFIRE WIDOW Turntables 1, 2, 3 It was made for the Hellfire Widow Contest organized by Subdivisonmodeling.com. (It won the 1st place.) Base models were made with Modo, it was sculpted with ZBrush and was textured with Modo-Photoshop-ZBrush. My idea was to model an anatomically correct spider. LUCY Turntables 4, 5, 6 It is a human anatomy study. This is my very old "neverending" project. I began working on it in C4D 6 CE, C4D9, and later in ZBrush 2. SUPER MODEL Turntables 7, 8, 9, 10 Made for the ZBC Action Hero Contest. The human and kitten base meshes were made with ZSpheres. The boots, cape and dress base shapes were made with the topology tools. Background Story: Lola (Super Model) is a beginner glamour model, but as a side effect of a plastic surgery that has gone wrong, she gained superpowers (It's still unknown where the two implants are from). She only uses her powers for the benefit of others: she gets down cats stuck in trees, or diverts deadly meteorites headed towards Earth. Her ultimate goal is world peace. SOLDIER Turntables 11, 12, 13 High polygon model for a next-gen game character. Base mesh made with Silo, sculpting and texturing with ZBrush. TIGERMAN HEAD Turntable 14 Sculpted from a base sphere using retopology tool. The teeth were made using ZSpheres. GORILLA PORTRAIT Turntable 15 Gorilla head study. Sculpted from my base human head mesh. SATIRUS PORTRAIT Turntable 16 Sculpted from my base human head mesh. SMALL MONSTER Turntable 17 I was testing the modeling and posing with ZSpheres. Made with ZBrush 2. ARTIST'S PROFILE I graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design as a Designer in Visual Communication Arts (MA). Currently I'm a freelancer 3d artist, illustrator and comics artist, who has been working in the game industry since the 90s. ZBrush is one of my favorite 3D applications. I used it a lot for creating game content and magazine illustrations. Email: zoltankorcsok@gmail.com   Website: http://trurl.cgsociety.org, http://www.zkorcsok.hu
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