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Micro Mesh

Micromesh, joins the already feature rich list inside ZBrush. It will allow for ZBrush’s rendering system to replace a generated FiberMesh™, or a models individual polygons with any other 3d mesh. That being said, you can already start to imagine the creative potential at hand. This new feature will no doubt open doors to previously undoable operations and design elements. Now you can “grow” complex plants with the help of FiberMesh or place real scales on your creatures.

Amazingly, MicroMesh will only be displayed at render time. This will invariably shatter typical poly count limitations, and generate previously unimagined levels of detail. It’s just another example of how ZBrush breaks through typical technical barriers to keep you actively creating.

Once you create FiberMesh and MicroMesh details, you can render your image using the BPR rendering system. ZBrush makes using the MicroMesh and FiberMesh features even more rewarding by converting your BPR render information, generated with MicroMesh and FiberMesh, to real geometry.

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