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One aspect of ZBrush’s workflow is the ability to create extremely complex scenes by combining a bunch of smaller objects. Ultimately, a scene could be composed of millions or even billions of polygons, yet still render in real time! Many of these complex 3D primitives ZBrush provides combine to produce a very powerful masking and deformation system that is unique to parametric objects. This system allows you to create an endless assortment of complex shapes all from a single primitive.

Not so primitive primitives!

There are a wide range of attributes that can change the initial state of a ZBrush primitive. This gives you a great level of control over the shape of the primitive you start sculpting with. Quickly and easily change a cone into a torso or a single plan into any shape you can imagine by using ZBrush’s powerful curves.

Dynamic Curves

Curves are used within ZBrush to make powerful editing of a feature intuitive and much more powerful. This is also the case with ZBrush primitives. By editing a primitive’s curve you can create an endless number of shapes with both rounded surfaces mixed with hard edges. Add as many point of control along a curve to make shapes as complex as you want.


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