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Long focused solely on sculpting and painting, ZBrush now includes an animation timeline allowing you to create moving turntables for your demo reel. Animate poses, store camera positions, sync your animation to music, import audio to test blend shapes and lip sync -- all within ZBrush.

More than simply an animation tool, the timeline can also be used to store and switch between your model's states for fast, easy control while working. For example, you can use points on the timeline to swap visibility of entire groups of SubTools, making project management easier than ever.

ZBrush Artist: Dave Wolf
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ZBrush Artist: Magdalena Dadela
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Your model’s presentation is as important as the quality of its form, details and the paint applied to its surface. ZBrush 4 offers an elegant solution for showing off your work, whether you want to share it with the world online or present it to a director for approval. Using a timeline system, you can store multiple camera views and animate between them. This can be used to create advanced turntable animations or as a workflow enhancement.

Animate between morph targets and model poses to verify facial expressions and UV texture maps. Rig your model with ZSpheres and see how your model moves. Using layer animation you can even animate between variations of textures and PolyPaint. Import a soundtrack for precise animation synchronization or build your demo reel within ZBrush.

The timeline interface includes options such as auto magnification, jump cuts and easing. Your work deserves the best possible presentation; the timeline features give you the power to show off your work in a professional way!

All of the primary ZBrush features can be animated: Layers, Subtool visibility, background colors, Polyframe display, ZSpheres, camera angles, subdivision levels, and more. You can export the animation of your mesh using the MDD format for use in other 3D packages such as modo. This makes realistic facial animation easy and fast!

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