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UV Master: UV Creation Has Never Been So Easy!

When creating or using a texture map, a 3D model needs UVs. These are 2D coordinates that tell all 3D applications how to apply a texture to your model. Until now, the process of creating those UVs has been a time consuming challenge that requires a high level of technical expertise and has little room for creativity.

UV Master is a free plugin which will create very efficient UVs for your models with a single click. Any artist can now quickly and easily create excellent UV maps. This free ZBrush plugin clearly represents the ZBrush ideal of maximum artistic freedom with minimal technical hurdles!

With UV Master's cutting-edge technology you can leave all the technical work to the computer. Because the UV maps generated by the plugin can be in one UV island you will be able to understand your model's UVs in any 2D image editor and paint or edit them like you would do with manually unwrapped UVs. Amazingly, what needs mere minutes with UV Master could take hours in other dedicated solutions! Just load your model, click Unwrap and you're done!

ZBrush Artist: Eugene Fokin

UV Master Provides Several Utilities:

  • Flatten and Unflatten the model's UVs for easy visualization. You can even tweak them with TransPose or the ZBrush sculpting brushes.
  • Copy and Paste UVs between models of the same topology.
  • Create UV islands based on Polygroups.
  • Load a model with existing UVs and/or seams to unwrap it using the high quality UV Master algorithm!
  • Use specialized Ambient Occlusion calculation to attract UV seams to the less visible parts of the model.

If you need more control over this automatic process, use the Control Painting mode to restrict seams creation in specific areas of your model or paint areas which will attract seams. Just a few broad strokes will add more power to the process with minimal effort.

In addition, UV Master's density mode lets you define areas where you need more or less pixel space for your texture -- without the need to locally scale or stretch your UVs by hand. For example you can give more density to the face and less on the back by simply painting the areas before clicking Unwrap!

UV Master is a free plugin for all the registered ZBrush users.
Plugin includes documentation in PDF format and several UV checkers.

ZBrush Artist: Patrick Gagné

What are the industry pros are saying about UV Master

"UV Master is a great tool that saves the user an extensive amount of time. I think people are going to love it, since everything else out there is tedious."

Josh Tiefer – Character Artist, Namco Bandai Games

"UV Master is a really right-brain tool... you just PAINT how you'd like the UV to be mapped, and ZBrush does the rest!"

Szabolcs Mátéfy - Senior Character Artist, Crytek

"Pixologic has done it again, making one of the slowest processes in 3D modeling and texturing a snap... or rather I should say a click.”

Yariv Newman - External Art Director, Snowball VFX

"A great new plug-in that provides fast and intuitive unwrapping. UVMaster allows me to unwrap everything rangeing from the simplest mesh to complex models comprised of multiple polygroups on the fly! Getting my meshes out of ZBrush with clean UV and texture maps has never been easier. Thank you Pixologic!"

Geert “Etcher” Melis - Art Teacher, Antwerp

"No more UV-headaches!"

Alessandro Mastronardi – ZBrush Artist


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