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Other Features and Enhancements in ZBrush 4R4

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  • QRemesher Automatic quad-based retopology for full or partial models, including Curve Guide and density control features.
  • Topology Brush to create simple or complex base meshes on the fly. It may also be used for manual retopology.
  • Curve Snap Surface creates ruled surfaces for quick wall-type shapes. Thickness is based on your curve strokes.
  • Replace part of your mesh by inserting another object or surface. Among other things, this makes it possible to create more complex base meshes without the need for 3rd party software.
  • Enhancements to the existing Mesh Insert Brushes and introduction of: IMM Insert Multi Mesh brushes. The latter brush type makes building libraries of replacement parts within a single brush possible. These brushes may be selected as replacement parts or for insertion via Dynamesh.
  • New Curve engine with more control and features including curve extension, cutting and deformation. Curves may be used by the Mesh Insert features to replicate a shape. They are also used by Topology brushes, Tubes brushes or with any of your custom brushes.

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Various Other ZBrush Additions:

  • New preset brushes provide examples of how to take advantage of ZBrush 4R4’s key features: Curve Strap, Curve Track, Insert types and more.
  • Create Insert and IMM Insert Multi Mesh brushes with a single click.
  • Insert Brushes now use the brush Imbed setting to define the depth of the insertion.
  • Insert Brushes now use the Z Intensity setting to apply a squash factor along the insertion normal.
  • Projection Strength function conforms the inserted mesh to the underlying surface.
  • Be recognized for your contributions! You can now provide your name and website info to a brush before exporting and sharing it with the community.

Tool and Geometry

  • Maximum DynaMesh resolution has been increased to 2048.
  • Mask Peaks and Valleys function detects portions of the mesh with the greatest detail density. This function is used internally by QRemesher but is also available for general use via the AutoMasking options.
  • Quickly create a PolyGroup from a mask. This is especially useful with the new topology replacement features.
  • New Cluster option for the Group Visible function controls the way its randomization will act.
  • Grow All visibility function makes all the current mesh’s polygons visible..
  • Mesh to Brush function converts the mesh of an Insert Mesh brush to a new Tool.
  • New topology cleaning tools: Merge Triangles and Weld Points.
  • Mesh Extract gains two new controls: Corner Quad to Triangle and Thin Border.


  • Merging different SubTools which are FiberMesh aware preserves the designation if they have the same number of vertices per fiber.
  • The Group Visible function is now FiberMesh aware and uses the Coverage value to regroup the fibers.
  • The Split Hidden and Group Split functions are now fiber aware.
  • The Inflate deformer now has a reduced effect when used on a FiberMesh.

ZBrush Artist: Kurt Papstein

  • New Tri IMM Tri Part Multi Mesh option for the Mesh Insert brushes. This is used to create chain-type objects that replicate a segment any number of times between separate start and end cap elements. Create zippers, bracelets, chains, straps and more.
  • DynaMesh can now be used to combine SubTools. A new PolyGroup option has been added to designate SubTools for subtraction based Boolean-type operations when merging via DynaMesh.
  • Transpose now shows world axis orientation switches, an easier way to align the Transpose line with your object’s surface normal, as well as new Shrink and Inflate operations.
  • An Undo History may now be saved with your Project. A maximum of 10,000 undo steps are now available.
  • The new Forward and Backward Movies options use the saved Undo History to replay your entire sculpting session. This may be recorded as a movie, and a number of settings are available to make the playback more watchable.
  • Floor Grid with Reference Images: Load images onto the working plane grids to help create a model based on blueprints or other references.

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Render and Materials

  • New Vibrant Shadows and AO settings generate more powerful color-saturated shadows.
  • The Background image can now be tilted.
  • The Background image may now be synchronized with your model’s rotation.


  • Vector Displacement map export quality has been improved.
  • UV Offset has been added in the Preferences palette’s Export options for use with Vector Displacement.
  • .EXR File format has been added for Vector Displacement maps.
  • GoZ now supports Maya 2013 and Luxology modo 601. (Note: modo 601 on OSX requires a manual update when importing a model.)


  • XPose now displays the SubTools as a contact sheet.
  • Improved notification when saving large projects. (2Gb to 4Gb)
  • New SubTool commands, including Delete All and Delete Other help to quickly clean your projects.
  • Improved overall Projection speed.
  • ZBrush preferences settings are now stored in a Public folder for improved permissions compatibility with Windows and Mac.
  • The location of the ZBrush virtual memory/cache files can now be changed, providing performance improvements on systems where the system drive is not the computer’s fastest drive or is running low on disk space.
  • New ZScript commands have been added

ZBrush Artist: Chris Carter


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