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ZBrush puts celshading at your fingertips with new Posterize render features. Give your models a new look with full control over gradients and steps in real time!

Posterization in ZBrush is computed in different ways depending on your needs. You can use it in 3D and build your desired effect directly onto your model, or it can be applied as a 2D effect to your renders in conjunction with BPR (Best Preview Render) filters. By applying Posterization to your model in 3D, you’ll expand the shape and depth dynamics of your image.

Taking this concept further, BPR Posterization can dynamically unify your model with a background image. This means you can use photos and integrate your 3D models with even more accuracy and still retain an interesting Posterization effect that stays uniform throughout your composition.

ZBrush Artist: Joseph Drust

ZBrush Artist: Oliver Milas

Step Curves
In ZBrush Posterization can also be applied to Materials and Curves via the curve modifiers settings. This means you can assign different Posterization effects to multiple materials and modulate the effect of Posterization in the Specular, Diffuse Color and Environment Color channels. That’s just the start. The Posterization functionality extends to Shader Channels, Sculpting Brushes, Alpha curves and Auto Masking. The limits to what you can create are really only measured by what you can imagine.

The Outline function applies an illustrative touch to your final image. Outline also works with the Material Mixer and as a post render effect in conjunction with BPR filters.


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