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ZSpheres allow you to quickly create a base mesh with clean topology, which can then be sculpted into any form. The power of ZSphere lies with in their simplicity. From a single ZSphere you can easily grow new ones, which can then be scaled, moved, and rotated into any form. Now you can enjoy creating the geometry for your characters while posing in real time.

ZBrush Artist: Simon Blanc

See ZSpheres in action as Simon Blanc of Blur Studios takes you step by step through the creation of his ZBrush work "No More Wine."

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"ZSpheres are absolutely the fastest way possible to create a base mesh for your characters. The clean base mesh you get from ZSpheres would take much longer to create in any other 3D application.

I love the flexibility they give to me as an artist! You can create, delete, scale, move, and rotate ZSpheres into any form you want, which can then be sculpted using the rest of ZBrush's powerful tools.

ZSpheres are paradise for 3D modelers!"

Simon Blanc
Scene Assembler Blur Studios

When creating with ZSphere you don't have to worry about complex arrangements of limbs and appendages.

At any point you can add or remove ZSpheres to your creations. You can also instantly preview the mesh that you will generate.

Once you have finished building your model with ZSpheres you can generally clean a mesh with a single click.


When using ZSpheres in ZSketch mode you can draw ZSpheres directly on to a base armature or freely draw anything you can imagine in 3D space. Sketching with ZSpheres gives you the flexibility to simply explore what your imagination holds or quickly convert your ZSketches into a sculptable mesh for further detail with all of ZBrush’s sculpting brushes.

ZBrush Artist: Michael Angelo Hernandez


ZBrush Artist: Tae-Bong Lim


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