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ZBrush Artist: Joel Mongeon
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Clip Brushes

ZBrush introduced a library of advanced hard surface sculpting brushes in version 3.5 and has continued to expand its repertoire with each successive release. ZBrush 4 introduced a variety of hard surface sculpting features, with the Clip brushes being some of the most powerful. These brushes add precise refinement to the shapes and surfaces of your mechanical objects, vehicles and character armor. Use the Clip brushes to slice your forms with accuracy and hone their edges to absolute perfection. The new Curve, Circle and Square stroke types can be applied to the Clip brushes to ensure that your surface has straight edges or for creating realistic detail.

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ZBrush Artist: Steve Warner
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Part of what makes these brushes so powerful and helpful to you as an artist is that they don’t simply cut the mesh, leaving big holes for you to then fill in. These brushes actually move the existing points, snapping them to the plane defined by your brush stroke. The result is that your existing topology remains perfectly intact and your clip produces a perfectly capped edge.

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