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Easily Create Primitives Using ShadowBox

Pixologic constantly strives to change the way artists create by introducing brand new suites of sculpting features and expanding the power of the existing ZBrush toolset. Shadow Box provides an entirely new way to explore shape creation in ZBrush!

“When creating complex shapes from scratch you most often had to rely on other 3D packages. But thanks to the new ShadowBox feature in ZBrush 4 you never wanna go back.”
Christopher Brändström
Senior Modeler – Framestore

ZBrush Artist: Steve Warner
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Shadow Box brings limitless control to the process of creating your three-dimensional base meshes:

  • Use the advanced masking brushes to paint a silhouette of your idea on any of the three sides of Shadow Box and a mesh matching that profile will appear at the center.
  • Carve out holes in the surface of the mesh by simply erasing any part of the masks; the surface at the center of Shadow Box updates instantly.
  • Combine radial symmetry, your own custom alpha textures, reference images and masking curves to build complex forms in a matter of seconds.

Whether you are sculpting a specific model or just exploring shapes, Shadow Box offers a unique method for quickly establishing an editable base mesh for sculpting.

Learn more about ShadowBox:


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