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ZBrush revolutionizes digital modeling and unleashes your creative power by delivering a topological-free sculpting process with new tools like DynaMesh. When sculpting with traditional techniques, polygons become stretched and difficult to work with. Now with a quick gesture, ZBrush will instantly generate a new sculpting-friendly model with uniform polygon distribution. This makes it possible for you to focus only on the visual aspects of your model, without worrying about its underlying geometry.

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ZBrush Artist: David Lesparence
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ZBrush Artist: James Van Den Bogart
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ZBrush Artist: Maarten Verhoeven

Freedom of Creation

DynaMesh is The New Base Mesh that has no limitations to what it can become. Starting from a sphere to create a character head is an easy process but DynaMesh will allow you to create a whole character from that very same sphere with no uneven geometry!

Consider what it’s like to work with clay. As you stretch clay out or add volume to it, the clay itself retains the same basic consistency and the same capacity for detail across its surface. DynaMesh brings that experience to the digital world.

The magic behind the DynaMesh is its ability to regenerate geometry in a blink of the eye, removing all stretched polygons by creating a surface optimized for sculpting and with equal distribution of polygons across the surface. Don't be afraid to stretch your model to create legs, arms, columns, or whatever else comes to mind in your creative process. There are now no limits to what your starting point can evolve into.

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ZBrush Artist: Stefano Dubay
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ZBrush Artist: Cézar Brandão

Inserting Elements to Your DynaMesh

With DynaMesh the ability to recreate geometry with one flick of the wrist opens new ways to combine several meshes together to create one new complete model such as integrating a pre-sculpted ear into your head mesh. On top of that, DynaMesh brings freedom to cut out surface forms or even create holes in your geometry. This capability is equivalent to the well-known Boolean operations, except that with DynaMesh your result will be a perfectly uniform and easily sculpted mesh. Using the already loaded ZBrush primitives and a few flicks of the pen will allow for a complex result that would have been extremely difficult and time consuming to build in a more traditional way.

You can create a library full of noses, ears, heads, arms or any thing else you come up with. Then with the help of the Insert Mesh brushes you can add these shapes to any sculpt. The result is a creative process that will have few boundaries and incredible speed.

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ZBrush Artist: Katon Callaway

DynaMesh is for More Than Just Sculpting

With DynaMesh you can more easily cut a model into two or more pieces using the new Slice brush combined with the Group option. Use the Insert Mesh brushes to create intricate parts for 3D printing and when done, use the new Create Shell function to add an internal thickness to your model.

These different operations deliver the ability to create a figure that is ready for 3D printing faster then ever before.

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ZBrush Artist: Ty Shelton

ZBrush Artist: Mariano Steiner
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ZBrush Artist: Fabio Paiva

ZBrush Artist: Bruno Câmara

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