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ZBrush Artist: Rudy Massar

Discover what has been added in this new release:


  • Enjoy optimized geometry at all times, providing freedom to deform your mesh wherever your imagination takes you.
  • Add, subtract and intersect geometry using Boolean-style operations – without producing untidy polygons.
  • Create internal shells to develop specific shapes or optimize a model for 3D printing.
  • Can be combined with the new ClayPolish surface modification.
  • PolyPaint updates as the geometry is optimized.
  • Supports Projection mode, which is useful when converting a detailed model to DynaMesh.


  • Freeze geometry to edit base mesh topology without losing high resolution details.
  • Improved Close Hole function.
  • ClayPolish to sharpen edges and soften surfaces. Helps simulate real clay sculpting.

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ZBrush Artist: Brett Briley

Full Feature List

ZBrush 4R2b has more than the major additions we’ve had room for on these pages. It also sports a huge number of both minor and significant additions which will make you feel more enabled as an artist. Use ZBrush 4R2b to advance to the next level of digital sculpting and imagination!

"No longer are my restrictions there. From a simple sphere, I can create almost anything my heart and hands allow. When needed, I can seamlessly attach whole pieces of geometry and forget about reassembling the mesh or retopologizing. My sculpting can continue without delay."

—Matthew Kean, Framed World

"The new additions to ZBrush 4 R2 are awesome. I can’t think of not having it in my day to day creation of characters."

—Brett Briley, ID Software

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ZBrush Artist: Fabio Paiva


  • New Wax modifier simulates SSS effects to add a wax-like appearance to your objects without a complicated setup.
  • MatCap global modification to change Hue, Saturation, Angle settings and more.
  • Improved default material shader with Background interaction.
  • Improved Shader Mixer. Modulate your shaders with new modes and operators: Hue, Saturation, Color, Ambient Occlusion, Depth, etc.


  • Create your own custom lighting environment with the LightCap Designer.
  • Add lights, change their color, position, intensity and opacity.
  • Background images can be converted for as a LightCap and vice versa.
  • Add alphas and textures to lights and create exciting LightCap effects.
  • Specular and Reflect mode for LightCaps generated from Background images.
  • LightCap Adjustments make global edits to your LightCap: rotate it, change its Hue, Saturation, etc.
  • Display the LightCap as a Spherical or Equirectangular preview.

Mesh Insert

  • Enable transparency when inserting a mesh for better depth and positioning control.
  • Use modifiers to change proportions of the inserted mesh.
  • Use any existing model as your insert brush.

Curve Mode

  • New Curve mode sweeps the current brush along a definable curve.
  • Update curves after drawing them to adjust the swept strokes.
  • Create new geometry by simply drawing a curve together with the new CurveFill brushes.


  • Duplicate your current mesh with a simple Ctrl+click.
  • Duplicate an inserted object as a negative mesh to cut into a surface with DynaMesh.
  • Combine with masking to extrude faces.

Best Preview Render (BPR):

  • More accurate rendering.
  • Render pipeline has been updated to 32 bits per channel.
  • The BPR saves shadows and other calculation-intensive data, only updating as needed (such as when rotating the model). Make a variety of color and material changes without needing to wait for long re-renders.
  • Smooth Normal feature softens polygon edges when rendering, without needing to subdivide.
  • Material Blending renders materials with smooth transitions between them.
  • Real-Time Wax preview.
  • Supports any 2:1 ratio Background image, including HDRI for dazzling realism.
  • Scene floor grid can slice objects and be used as a shadow catcher. Excellent for scene integration!
  • Make objects invisible to shadows or invisibly cast shadows.
  • SubTools can have their own settings for Transparency, Invisible and/or Smooth Normal features.

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ZBrush Artist: Bryan Wynia


  • New Slice brush to add an edge loop with new PolyGroups on either side. Supports curves.
  • Combine Slice Brush with DynaMesh to create separate solids.
  • New Curve Fill brush to freely draw an extruded closed shape.
  • Numerous new preset brushes to get started with many new ZBrush features immediately. (Insert, Curve, etc.)

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ZBrush Artist: Maarten Verhoeven

BPR Filters

  • Render once, then use Filters to layer adjustments for post-render enhancements – all without needing to leave ZBrush.
  • 13 different filters, including Blur, Sharpen, Orton, Glow, Noise, etc.
  • Filters can be modulated using various settings. Examples are Depth, Mask (alpha), Fresnel, Ambient Occlusion, SSS, etc.


  • New Alternate mode allows use of main and alternate colors when PolyPainting. (Hold the Alt key to switch.)
  • Auto-reorder SubTools by vertex count.
  • Instantly move a SubTool to the top or bottom of the list.
  • Merge Similar SubTools with one click.
  • Major speed and accuracy improvements with all projection operations.
  • New global deformers: Polish by Groups and Polish Crisp Edges.
  • Repeat last used deformation on the Active SubTool or all Other SubTools.
  • Mouse gestures can now be enabled or disabled in the Preferences.

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ZBrush Artist: Magdalena Dadela

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