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BPR Enhancements

Introduced in ZBrush 4.0, the Best Preview Render has now seen drastic enhancements. ZBrush brings you the ability to integrate your models within a 360° environment and adjust scene lights using the new LightCap™ designer.

The enhancements don't stop there! For example, all materials have seen the addition of a Wax effect. You also now have the ability to tweak your final render with the new BPR Filters, taking your final image to the next level.

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ZBrush Artist: Bryan Wynia
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ZBrush Artist: Julian Kenning

Environment Map Support

Use your favorite panoramic images as a background in ZBrush and integrate your model into the environment’s lighting and coloring at render time. Whether your image is 8 BIT or full HDRI, using it as an environment is one click away. You have complete control over this environment including changes in longitude or latitude to choose your point of view. To improve the integration, the default ZBrush floor grid is treated as a shadow catcher, creating an invisible ground plane which will receive the object shadows. Simply load your background image, select an appropriate material and render the next masterpiece.

Lightcap™ Creation

ZBrush introduces the LightCap Designer: a real-time material light modifier. In astonishingly little time you can create scene lighting from an environment, create lights with alpha shapes applied and even add texture to a light to fit the needs of your render.

You can even create lights and then use the LightCap Designer to convert these to an environment for your render, resulting in more accuracy and allowing more creativity in your process.

Expand More with ZBrush Materials

MatCap™ lovers now have even more power at their fingertips. It’s now possible to dramatically refine MatCaps using just a few new sliders: change hue, saturation, orientation and much more. This can be done with the MatCaps you create or any from our library in the DownloadCenter. Any one MatCap now offers thousands of possibilities!

Once done creating your materials, use the new Wax modifier to add an effect to your model that resembles Subsurface Scattering – but without all the effort! A single slider adjusts the material’s temperature to be cool or hot.

We’ve also eliminated the rendering artifacts that can occur when multiple materials come in contact on an object’s surface. Combine as many materials as you wish on one model and use the new Material Blend-Radius slider for a smooth material blend at render time.

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ZBrush Artist: Young Choi
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ZBrush Artist: Mike Jensen

"While beta testing, my favorite new feature is LightCaps™. It allows me to generate direct lighting from environmental images. Filters comes a close second; render once and then adjust filters in post, giving instant results."

—James Rumball, Escape Studios

Speed Up the Render Process

The ZBrush render engine benefits from several core enhancements in version. Its kernel is now 32 BIT, producing more accurate renders and even more crisp images. To see the difference, just open your previous projects in ZBrush and re-render.

Wherever possible, ZBrush will store shadows, ambient occlusion and subsurface scattering in memory for a quick re-render. This dramatically reduces waiting time while you tweak materials and colors to arrive at your finished result. You can afford more time for scene setup because you'll spend less time waiting for a each render.

BPR Filters

Even with a great lit scene and amazing materials, many renders still find themselves in a 2D image editor for final tweaking. Thanks to the BPR filters in ZBrush, you can make many adjustments directly within ZBrush. Add Sharpness to the whole scene or just the model. Add a Depth of Field filter on top of that. Finish things off by changing the shadow colors with a Color filter. All while remaining in ZBrush!

These BPR filters can affect Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Mask, Fresnel, Subsurface Scattering and much more.

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ZBrush Artist: David Lesperance

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