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turntable_brandstrom Hey ZBrushers, please welcome Christopher Brändström to the turntable gallery.  With him he brings two amazing sculpts, Nike Shoe and Marvish.  Marvish is a great sculpt of a head that show great detail and fantastic skin alphas. Nike Shoe was used in the Be Transformed Ad. To take a look at Christopher’s amazing work and many others in the turntable gallery, click HERE.

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  1. hi Christopher Brändström, great addition to the turntable gallery…..damn precise work……pretty inspiring……I am really interested in knowing how you got those small stitches that neatly….if you like to share…that would be simply fantastic……also the logo and the cloth texture…….did you create a hi-res texture for it and then sculpted from that or it was all done in zbrush alone…? I am a zbrush user and it would be so generous of you if you shared some insights…….thanks…

  2. Hi Grungenie.

    Thanks for the kind words.
    I actually used alot of alphas. Some projected and some displaced. It’s alot of fun doing stuff free hand, but sometimes you need to be smart about it and use techniques that are a bit mechanic, but fast and accurate. And in Zbrush there are so many fast and easy options to get great resaults, you just gotta know how to do them. Learn by doing! 🙂 Hope that helps!

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