Pixologic Action Heroes at the Gnomon Gallery


Pixologic was proud to work with the Gnomon Gallery on June 6th to open the PIXOLOGIC ACTION HERO GALLERY. It was a great night with several Action Hero Contestants attending the event to discuss the various pieces on display. The Gallery included 21 2D pieces and 6 3D pieces from the Pixologic Action Hero Contest. Also at the event was Axiotron which their Modbook that went to the Grand Prize winner and NextEngine Scanners which was given to the First Place winner in the contest.

I would like to thank everyone that was involved in the event and most of all this event would not of been possible without all the artists that participated in the contest. It was an exciting contest that gave so much inspiration to us at Pixologic. We can not wait to start up the next contest and sit back to watch what you the ZBrush artist will imagine next.

We have put together a little slide show of the event for those of you that could not attend. Hope you all enjoy (Thank you Cameron and Konrad):


Again Thank you to all
The Pixologic Team

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  1. Those models and large prints look amazing, a little cramped on the tables with the screens 🙂

  2. What kind of computers are those in the shots? They looked like macbooks with a cintiq screen on them or like a macbook tablet “pc” -so to speak. Excellent artwork on all accounts tho! =)
    Thanks for the info!

  3. I love following heroes episodes, it came from boring to a fine tv show now. The first few episodes, I thought, its just an xmen . Now its really exciting, I hope new season will be out soon.

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