ZBrush Printed on Wood


I wanted to share this exciting new technology from Maximus. Using their robot that can sculpt out a ZBrush piece as large as 3Meters or 120 inches and on several materials such as wood,stone, modeling materials, bronze, brass, just to name a few this really gives me ideas for ZBrush sculpts. Thanks to Fabricio Torres for sharing with me this amazing technology that was used to print out his ZBrush Gorilla sculpt.

With the use of the new Decimation Master and 3D Printer Exporter CLICK HERE FOR PLUGINs you the artist now have a way to create within in ZBrush but still output to a medium that is real world. I look forward to seeing more results from Maximus.

Please check out more information on Maximus here:

Maximus Home Page

Fabricio Torres ZBrush Sculpt in Wood:

Hope you enjoy this really cool technology.
The Pixologic Team

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  1. This is really amazing. Imagine sculpting a bronze statue in Zbrush and getting an actual bronze statue when you’re done!

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