ZBrush 3.5R3 – 11.24.09


ZBrush 3.5 aims to bring you creative freedom and an end to technical constraints. With new features like ZSpheres II, ZSketch, Quick Sketch, Surface Noise, Planar brushes and many other new enhancements, your art will reach a whole new level.

With this new version, we have refined and added to ZBrush’s already exceptional toolset, improving the natural traditional media feel that ZBrush is famous for. We’ve made it easier than ever for you to create organic characters, mechanical objects, environments or product designs. If you are an illustrator, VFX or video game artist, product designer or just a hobbyist passionate about 3D, ZBrush is for you!

We invite you to discover the main new additions to ZBrush 3.5 – enhancements that are the foundation for the upcoming ZBrush 4! In addition, both versions are free upgrades for all registered ZBrush users!

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  1. Mac version?

    Looks great, like in a way that I could probably finally use Zbrush for some actual modeling instead of making blobs… but where! and when! is the Mac version. *goes back to using 3D-Coat*

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