Contest Winners are Now Posted!!!!


Pixologic would like to announce that the winners for this years Turntable Gallery Contest are now posted and available for viewing.

Again, thank you to all the winners for their skill and desire to share their work with the community.

Winners are, in no particular order:

Sergey Rahmanov, Rajeev Menon, Oliver Milas, Issac Zou, Jonas Skoog, Issac Oster, Aravindan Rajasingham, Calin Iordache, Chris Concepcion, Mariano Steiner, Gerhard Muller, Javier Edo Meseguer, Guilherme Ferreira, Kwamey Drevon, and
Eduardo Simon Gutierrez.

These artists have shown a great amount of skill and attention to detail in their pieces.  Attached to each of their images is an icon that will stay with their work regardless of how much time will pass.

Again, thank you to all the contestants for their amazing efforts for this years Turntable Gallery Contest.
Keep up the ZBrushing and maybe your work will be featured on the Gallery.

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