New Updates to the Turntable Gallery


The Turntable Gallery has had some great things happening lately.  Last time the turntable gallery had its 2009
Turntable Gallery Contest, where 15 artists
won a spot in the gallery.  Now we have some new artists to add to the gallery.

The turntable gallery is comprised of artists that members of Pixologic find in ZBrush Central and ask to join.
This weeks addition of artists are ZBC artists:
Newbies, pitchepuck, and nizza waaarg. And returning artists chris-carter and fabiopaiva.

Thank you guys for all the amazing work you have provided.
If you would like to join the gallery, post your work on  If it catches the eyes of a
member of the Pixologic team you’ll be invited to join.

Good luck to all artists.

Happy ZBrushing!!!

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