User Stories: Trolljegeren (part 2) – Gimpville interview


Back in December we did an interview with Storm Studios for their work on a movie called Trolljergen (Troll Hunter). As you know, the special effects for many movies today are contracted out to multiple companies with each contributing specific shots to the final production. We thought that with the Troll Hunter, it would be interesting to speak with two companies that worked on the project!

Today we are sharing Part 2 of the Troll Hunter interviews. This time we spoke with Gimpville, another Norwegian special effects house and contributor of perhaps the most massive CG character ever put on film! Weighing in at a whopping half billion polygons, their 300 foot troll is the stuff of legends.

We hope you enjoy this conclusion to the Troll Hunter saga. It provides a good bit of insight into how ZBrush was used and why it was “the only weapon of choice” to accomplish Gimpville’s herculean task!

Read the interview HERE.

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