GoZ Update 1 – with Photoshop Support


As part of our commitment to expanding the capabilities of GoZ, Pixologic is pleased to announce the release of our first GoZ update! This update resolves minor issues reported by users of various applications. It also expands support to include modo 501 and Cinema 4D R12.

With this update, GoZ also now supports Photoshop! If you have the Extended version of either Photoshop CS4 or CS5, GoZ now makes it possible to paint directly on your model’s texture rather than using PolyPaint. As a result, texture painting can be completely independent of your model’s resolution. Simply click the GoZ button to send your model and its texture to Photoshop. There, paint whatever you’d like, in full 3D. You can even flatten the map and paint in 2D — with or without a visible wireframe! When done, send your model back to ZBrush and the texture will automatically update so that you’ll be ready to continue working.

Get the update at the Download Center

For more info, specs, and frequently asked questions, visit the ZBC GoZ Page

For tutorial videos on GoZ, visit ZClassroom

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