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You may have seen the article on CGSociety’s front page – now ZBC memeber chuckhigreen’s Top Row thread gives you another chance to see the work going into Linh Mai’s promising science fiction concept “The Last Cause”. Linh and his group of artist volunteers have put in lots of hours to help bring their vision to life and to raise funds to complete a short proof-of-concept film. To get the look and feel of a bleak, post-terrorist attack, mech world, these artists turned concept sketches into detailed hard-surface armor and mech robots and created a tragic mutant character too. Check out their ZBrush WIPs and the story behind the film, and visit their fund-raising site to show your support!

View chuckhigreen’s thread at ZBrushCentral
Visit the movie site at www.thelastcausemovie.com
Visit the fundraising site at www.kickstarter.com

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