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ZBrush 4R2 beta tester Bruno Câmara posted a speed sculpt he did starting with DynaMesh and finishing with the new BPR features (concept by Jasper Sandner). In his post, he has included a step by step and a time lapse video of his process. If you haven’t started playing with the new features yet, this is a great way to see them in action!

View Bruno Câmara’s post at ZBrushCentral.

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  1. Bruno,

    You are a truly creative mind. Your use of the ZBrush tool set is inspiring. I love the form and weight you establish so early. With that in mind, how did finish the sculpt? Am I correct in assuming that once you established the pose the symmetry of the model was broken? That would mean you had to add all the detail to the model on both sides (left, right) independently no?

    I am a huge fan and looking forward to your tutorial in January (3d Creative). Any chance of a sneak peak?


  2. Edward Ingle – Thanks Ed. I’m glad you like it. about the symmetry, yes. I broke it soon and sculpted each side independently.

    amit kr.thakur – Thank you 🙂

  3. Great freestlye mobility without the use of symmetry. Great work flow and the pose. Love the video. We hope to see more <3 a bit of speech on your video would of been perfect hehe 🙂

  4. i have got no idea what you just did!!
    A steep by steep tut will do a great help.
    I find ZBrush very hard to use.
    Anyway thanks.

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