Gears of War 3: The Ladies


The male characters of Gears of War have always been shown as strong and dominant, so for artist Chris Wells, “the most challenging part was to try to achieve a balance of beauty and strength.” We think he did a pretty stellar job. Chris has posted the characters he created in a thread on ZBrushCentral. If the post earlier today wasn’t enough to get you playing this game, this is sure to seal the deal!

View Chris Wells’s thread

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  1. Hello Epic. This is Queen Viva. Thanks again for making the locust Queen playable on versus.. It would be wonderful if the locust Queen had some GOLD ARMOR on her as well.. If it’s not a problem for you all. Can you “PLEASE” create or put some GOLD ARMOR on the locust Queen that would be awesome before March 27 2012. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for bringing back guardian!!!! PLEASE make the locust Queen have some Gold armor on her I would go crazy if I seen that… Thanks again for your marvelous beautiful work on gears 3 it truly is the best shooting game I ever played thank you epic.

    P.S. PLEASE make the Locust Queen Have GOLD ARMOR PLEASE!!!!!

    Sexyhotasiangirl again this is Queen Viva!!!!

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