Artist in Action: Scott Eaton and Michael Defeo


Two uber talented ZBrush artists have recently teamed up to create a new app that will help demystify the human anatomy for artists. The app features Scott Eaton’s updated version of the Houdon sculpture, and has full 3D tumble and zoom functionality. Michael Defeo (check out his ZBrush 4R2 beta tester thread) got the idea after taking Scott Eaton’s “Anatomy for Artsits” class online (enroll here). He was inspired to make an educational tool for artists to use while sculpting, both traditionally and digitally.

To learn more about how ZBrush was used in the process, see the video Michael posted here.

Want to learn more about anatomy from one of the best sculptors in the industry? Enroll in Scott Eaton’s “Digital Figure Sculpture” course here.

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  1. I have been waiting for an App like this for SO LONG!!! This would help more than artists though, you could sell if for biology and physiology students to help them learn! So excited!!!

  2. I believe it’s called “l’Ecorche- Classical Anatomy for Artists,” but it’s not out yet. The video says it should be out in the first few months of 2012.

  3. HI, sorry for the long delayed response. It is called l’Ecorche and it will be releases in May 2012. you can sign up on my mailing list for updates and release info @

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