Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance


The Gnomon Workshop has recently released a new video from tutorial from veteran artist David Lesperance. “Environment Sculpting” gives an in-depth look at David’s workflow when designing environments. He uses ZBrush to sculpt rocks with DynaMesh, create vines using ZSpheres, and more. This lecture is essential if you need to brush up on your environment creating skills.

David Lesperance has a degree in fine arts and has been working as an environment artist in CG entertainment industry for nearly 8 years. He is currently working with Microsoft and the 343 industry team on Halo 4. A few of his past projects include Mortal Kombat DC, Tony Hawk Ride, StarCraft 2, and Diablo 3, WoW Cataclysm, and the StarCraft projects (as part of Blizzard Entertainment’s cinematic division).

To purchase “Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance,” visit The Gnomon Workshop

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