A Farcry From The Team At Blur


It’s no secret that the Blur Studio does some killer work. Their latest cinematic trailer is nothing short of awesome! With some hardcore naturally lit areas and an interior scene that will make you feel like you are there having drinks. You don’t want to miss this latest offering from a team that knows how to do it right. The point is, if you are looking to catch some jaw dropping cinematic goodness, you know you don’t have to look far when our friends over at Blur are on the scene.

Far Cry 3 is scheduled for release Dec. 4, 2012 and is the latest offering in the ongoing franchise from our friends over at UbiSoft. Be sure to pre-order and stay ready for the next great installment in the series. Special thanks to ZBrushCentral member James Ku aka Kuman over at Blur for showcasing this body of work on the forum. Thanks to the entire team for their continued efforts.

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