Close Encounters


Somewhere out there beyond the stratosphere, a creature dances a harmless space waltz with a lone astronaut. Although the astronaut may not find it too harmless! Tomas Kral, who is no stranger to the Top Row, has posted a ton of angles and closeups of his recent creation, “Space Waltz.” His attention to detail and introspective narrative about the possible realities of a confrontation with a space squid are nothing short of whimsical. Thomas did all the sculpting in ZBrush, used Photoshop for texturing, and then put it in Softimge and rendered it using Metal ray.

Check out Tomas’s thread at ZBrushCentral for more detailed images. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a gander at his User Gallery.

If you’re inspired by Tomas’s thread and want to create your own space monster, ZClassroom has the resources you need to make images just like this one. Check out our artist tutorial series with Michael Pavlovich to learn more about how you can create tentacles for your beasts, using the Insert Mesh functionality with Curve mode.

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