Print It Yourself. No, Really.


The Swedes are typically known as a progressive lot. Their design esthetic is celebrated the world over. It’s no wonder then, as we march toward a world dominated by products produced using 3d printers; that the Swedish firm Teenage Engineering is leading the way with a “print it yourself” version of their all new OP-1 synthesizer. Now, if you are new to the idea of 3d printing don’t worry. Shapeways is making it easier than ever before to get your files outta your computer and into your hands faster than you can spell STL. Shapeways is an industry leader in handling your 3d printing needs. The formula is simple. You generate the content in your 3d sculpting/design package of choice, hopefully ZBrush. Next you export the file and send it off to Shapeways for printing. It really is that easy. You can check out their online market place for all things 3d printed. For more information on sending files from ZBrush to 3d printers, be sure to watch our video tutorials inside ZClassroom. ZBrush comes equipped to get the job done right out of the box with the DecimationMaster and 3d Print Exporter included. Get printing.

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