Created In ZBrush. Crafted In Wood.


With technology rapidly advancing, this latest ZBrushCentral post is sure to keep you looking forward. The artistic possibilities of the future are only beginning to take shape. ZBrushCentral member Ben Godi knows this and is incorporating everyone’s favorite sculpting software ZBrush, into his traditional art pipeline. The result is a collection of wonderful wooden sculptures built with some new and old technology working hand in hand. Still, at the root of it all is that indelible search for artistic expression. In this case, Ben found his way to the end result using ZBrush.

To find out more about using ZBrush with external printing applications and processes, be sure to check out features like Decimation Master and our Plugins section inside ZClassroom. There, you’ll get the necessary info to get your creations off the screen and into your hands faster.

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