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Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) was the studio behind 2012’s blockbuster hit The Avengers. These are the same guys who brought us Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other hits. Chances are you’ve seen their work. Check out this industry interview below with members of the ILM team and get a closer, behind the scenes look at how the magic happens. You’ll hear the ILM team detail the role ZBrush plays in producing the jaw dropping CG elements you’ve come to know and love. The face of the Hulk was built out from a life cast / scan of actor Mark Ruffalo’s face. It was then modified in ZBrush to become the Hulk, while still retaining an essence of the original actor. See how scan data and ZBrush worked together to bring everybody’s favorite green bad boy, The Hulk to life.

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  1. This is a fascinating demonstration of how accurately details can be applied using ZBrush. They spoke of how they even included Mark Ruffalo’s finger prints in the digital model along with pores, scars, and other imperfections of his face. With all these subliminal details transferred to The Hulk, it’s that level of detail which ultimately brought The Hulk to life and made it appear to be so realistic with actual human characteristics. It also proves that ZBrush can hold its own in some of the highest budgeted projects of the day.

  2. Amazing! Such beautifully detailed work. So inspiring. And it shows me how much I have still to learn in ZBrush in order to be able to create on the level I want to create. Thanks for posting this.

  3. yeah those guys at ilm do freaking awesome work!! incredible amount of details…

    z-brush is really without a doubt the best sculpting app on the market! It’s used pretty much in every cg movie (or game), industry standard.

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