Featured ZBC Thread: Samuel Compain


This latest Top Row piece takes us back to the days when quarters could be heard falling recklessly into the arcade machine’s we knew and loved. With this latest post, Samuel Compain aka Neobear, captures the old school sentiment of characters like Final Fight’s Mike Haggar and fast forwards us into hyper overdrive with a quasi-mech suited gunslinger!

Check out his post and see the complete breakdown of this incredible model for yourself with an in-depth tutorial on page 2. Neobear mentions everything from starting his work with Dynamesh, using primitives for accessories, Mesh extractions, Insert Mesh brushes, Polypainting and even gives us a quick glance at his rendering process inside ZBrush. This is definitely a post worth bookmarking for reference.

You can sharpen your skills in all these areas and more by visiting ZClassroom where a slew of FREE video tutorials are waiting for you.

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