The Art of Anatomy with Cezar Brandao


We are proud to announce Cezar Brandao’s program is back by popular demand!
If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance to jump in there and learn
with one of the true masters of the female form.

The first 4 weeks will get you prepped as you go through the process of learning anatomy
Bridgman style. This is truly a wonderful way to learn Artistic Anatomy as the simplification
of forms is something anyone can master.

The last 4 weeks will be a tour de force of the female portrait. There simply is nothing more difficult
to sculpt as it is often a matter of millimeters that can make or break your sculpt.

Program starts on February 17, Registration is open.

So come and learn Foundation of Beauty, The Art of Anatomy with Cezar Brandao.

Still undecided? Fell free to send your questions to [email protected].

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  1. so, where is the download button? some of the features sounds really great. im wondering if “multiple Textures” mean texture layers. that would be awesome. i mean its no supa secret, hopefully someone from pixologic can give some information *peer at aurick PS: AND support told me that the freeze bug will be fixed in zbrush 4, is it fixed in zb 3.5?

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