Character Creation with Kris Costa – Starting March 25th


In this 10 Week Master Class, award-winning artist Kris Costa, (modeler on such films as: The Avengers, Transformers, Pacific Rim, Rango, Barnyard, Pan’s Labyrinth, and more,) will give you an exceptional, industry standard level of training for modeling Characters. Creating amazing, film-quality characters is about more than just having a great sculpt. To be a character artist, you need to know how to model, sculpt, texture, shade, light and composite your final character, all while making it look realistic and believable.

Kris will show you how to achieve believability with instruction on anatomical flow, training you to see the patterns in the human form. Kris will also share with you his various modeling and sculpting techniques along with posing, Learn to sculpt a skull, the body, hands, feet, arms, accessories and more. This class is an amazing, deep and thorough journey through the development of a character with film production and believability in mind. Don’t miss it!

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