Master Anatomy Workshop with Andrew Cawrse and Kris Costa

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A ONE TIME EVENT not to be MISSED! We are excited to announce that TWO ZBrush celebrities, Andrew Cawrse & Kris “Antropus” Costa, are teaching a hands-on anatomy workshop in Los Angeles, in 3 weeks time, from April 4-7th.

This is very exciting for the ZBrush community, to have these master instructors together, to give one-on-one training in the accurate recreation of the figure, Road maps for Construction, Pose, & Proportions in 3D; Templates for the figure in any pose from your imagination, Sculpting in 3d from life instead of 2d images; Master Challenges of the Shoulders, Upper & Lower Limbs: Anatomy origin, function, movement & forms. You will Learn more in 4 days than years of self study…

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About the Artists
Andrew Cawrse is an internationally sought after Anatomy & Art instructor, who teaches both traditional & digital artists, & surgeons worldwide. With an established VFX background as a CG model Supervisor, working on films like Avatar, Pirates of the Carribbean, Star Wars etc, & his work is also seen on the History Chanel, Mythbusters, BBC & forensic programs, he has taught Anatomy for / with Master Sculptor Richard MacDonald, the worlds most collected figurative bronze sculptor. (more artwork)

Kris “Antropus” Costa is a senior digital modeler & has worked as a character animator, texture artist & / or digital modeler in productions such as The Avengers, Transformers, Pacific Rim, Rango, Barnyard, Pan’s Labyrinth, among others. Winner of two CGTalk 3D Grand Prizes, the biggest online CG competitions of this kind. His works, texts and interviews published in several websites, books and magazines. He had also created lots of free tutorials to help beginners and advanced users. (more artwork)

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