Ryan Kingslien’s ZBrush Certification Course – Starts mid-June


Find out how ZBrush works and make it work for you! Ryan Kingslien is going to teach you each and every feature of ZBrush, what it does and why. Then you’ll learn the best way to use those tools and how to create highly effective workflows to help you get work done faster than ever before. Ryan’s even going to use his personal sculpting methods to help you unlock your creativity, because in the end, it’s not just about learning ZBrush’s features, it’s about discovering your inner sculptor and reaching your full potential as an artist!

Sign up at ZBrushWorkshops.com.

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  1. Hi, I’m interested in becoming a zbrush instructor an be able to certify my students under pixologic standards. I have already experience using zbrush, I´m register on zbrush workshops and digital tutors but I will like to present the exams or do the courses to be able to certify myself and also my future students.

    I will appreciate any information regarding this mater.

    Thanks and regards
    Carlos Diaz

  2. Hi I’m 17 and I’m desperate to do a certificate in Zbrush, when is the next course and where can I sign up?

  3. Hello, i dont find any explanation about the zbrush certified course.

    I want to know, how the course is build.

    I will get a date from ryan kingslien and on this date, ryan kingslien will streaming live the course? And i have to have a microphone to talk to him and other students? Is that right?

  4. Hello, i am very interested in studying Zbrush and getting a certificate on 3d animation. Unfortunately i am living overseas and i am not sure if this will effect me learning Zbrush basics. Are there any possibilities to get an online certificate even though i live overseas?

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